We all know the nostalgic appeal of the going out top. But it’s taken a pandemic to help us rediscover the magic of its cosmetic equivalent: going out makeup.

For what feels like a lifetime, we’ve favoured clean skin, fresh cheeks, fluffy brows — a minimalist makeup routine that made us look like ourselves, only slightly better.

But now that party season is on the horizon (for some of us) the brief has changed. Led by it girls like Dua, Bella and Lizzo, ‘going out makeup’ is a trend that’s on the up and up. Think punchy colour palettes, thick lashes, reflective lipgloss and skin that’s laced with high-shine highlighter. It’s not practical, nor is it easy to execute. But after 18 months spent with nary a lick of mascara, it feels like fun. 


Dua Lipa is (as always) our guiding light when it comes to dance floor-ready beauty looks. Recently at her birthday, she wore fuchsia pick and minty green across her eyes, blinding highlight and shiny lip gloss. BFF and sister-in-law Bella Hadid opted for copper eyes and bright pink blush — a equally fun take on party makeup.

Winnie Harlow and Lizzo have shown us the power of a strong strip lash, while Hailey Bieber has been experimenting with stick-on holographic eyeliner. Queen of winged liner Ariana Grande recently reminded us of the power of glamour, pairing her bold eye with a glassy lip and poreless skin.

While it’s not exactly new, it does remind us that makeup can be fun, powerful expressive and experimental. And while we’re not about to paint our lids electric purple for Zoom, it’s nice to curate inspiration for whenever we’re allowed back out of the house.



Be like Bella and pair a deep rosy liner with shiny pink gloss. It’s slightly 90s, and makes a fun alternative to a standard nude-toned lipstick.

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Nars’ signature gloss formula is creamy and rich but not sticky. it works equally well on the eyelids as well.


Bold lashes are back in a big way. You could layer numerous coats of mascara, or you try a pair of lightweight lashes. LoveSeen — founded by fashion icon Jenna Lyons — create strip lashes that are flexible and believable but still fun.

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Wait for your glue to dry slightly before applying lashes, and fill in any gaps with a soft black kohl. LoveSeen’s strip lashes are super soft and move with yuur lid, so you can have a good time without misplacing a lash.


Nothing says “I’m going out” like a bold, shimmery eye. Emulate Dua’s birthday aesthetic with a swipe of candy pink. This Byredo Colour Stick is creamy but blendable, so you get impact without all the fussiness of powder.

Byredo colour stick in sick pink, $50. SHOP NOW

Try swiping across the entire lid and use your finger to blend out towards the brow bone. Either leave it as is, or top with a complimentary glitter.