The Prank That Involved The Queen

As the world media staked out a hospital wing in London waiting for a glimpse of the new prince, a black cab drove by in what appeared to be the Queen seated in the backseat, smiling. It was quickly revealed her Royal highness was indeed a wax figure.

Kate Middleton’s Red Dress

When Prince George was born in 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton stepped out in a blue Jenny Packham dress, many hailing her a goddess for not shying away from revealing her post-baby bump. Overnight, as she revealed the newest addition to the Royal family, the Duchess wore the same designer and paralleled the red-dress-with-the-white-collar that Princess Diana wore when she exited the hospital with her son Harry.

The Changes To The Line Of Succession

Up until 2013, the birth of a male would always trump an older female sibling for a spot in the succession to the British throne. A change to the Succession of The Crown Act means two-year-old Princess Charlotte – the second child of Prince William and Middleton – keeps her spot. We repeat: Her newborn brother will remain 5th in line for the throne. As it stands, after Queen Elizabeth, 69-year-old Prince Charles is in line to be King, then 35-year-old Prince William and then four-year-old Prince George.

Prince Williams and Kate Middleton actually displayed low-key PDA

Unlike Prince Harry and Royal-in-waiting Meghan Markle, we never see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cuddle up to one another. Today was the exception. Prince William stroked his wife’s back as she held their third child and introduced him to the world media on the steps of the hospital. Upon exiting, the couple held hands – usually Middleton is photographed with both hands holding her clutch. It is believed the Royals like to keep public commitments PDA-free as they are working as representatives for the monarchy. Today, they were simply a family unit excited to show off their new baby boy.