I like to think of myself as generous when it comes to beauty products. I mean, one day’s worth of deliveries could sink James Packer’s yacht in Sydney Harbour, so there is a lot to share, but there is also a lot to try. And while the emphasis is on “generous”, there are some products I will never part with. For example, I do get monetarily hog-gy when I see a Startrack express box arrive because I can spot that perfect cube a mile off, thank you Mecca. But after a good dig, I usually retreat most to the beauty cupboard because no, I am not Ivory 01 despite how much I want to try that Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation (and trust me, I have tried). So I do get a little greedy when it comes to that blush cube. I also tend to get needy when it comes to Chanel, because, Chanel. I also love anything that looks beautiful even if it doesn’t suit me because looking at pretty things makes me feel warm inside.

And while it’s hard picking favourites (I assume it would be like picking a favourite child), if I was to regrettably cull my list, here are the things I will actually never part with. Plus, the products a few of my favourite beauty editor compatriots will never forgo (read: hoard with their life). Meaning? Readers: this is the stuff to take note of. Brands: hint, hint.

Chrisanthi Kaliviotis, Beauty Editor, Grazia
“Call this a serious, somewhat ill obsession, but I stockpile these products like people with baked beans around Y2K.”

Byredo Anything
Not only is Byredo’s La Tulipe my all-time favourite ‘perfume’ scent, but Fleur Fantôme is my all-time favourite ‘room / candle’ scent (OK, sometimes skin scent, too, but not sure if this is kosher). Plus the Hair Perfumes are out of this world (literally though, they look like they’re from outer space). And I could stare at its impossibly chic monochromatic packaging until my retinas bled BYREDO. So, Byredo goes straight in the bag.

Byredo La tulipe EDP 50ml, $192. shop now

Chanel Lipstick
Call me old-fashioned, but I love the romanticism Chanel lipstick conjures – just the thought of wearing Pirate makes me feel like I’m at Ritz Paris in a fur stole cackling into my 52€ champagne. It also feels very expensive on your lips. So a Chanel lipstick has not seen the light of the beauty cupboard in say, five plus years.

CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Intense Lip ColourLuminous Intense Lip Colour in pirate, $53. shop now

Diorshow Mascara
I will admit it: I am the ultimate snob when it comes to my mascara, and my lashes have barely seen anything else in the last 15 years, which means into the Rejina Pyo Rita bag you go, Diorshow.

Diorshow Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara, $56. shop now

Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in Pillow Talk
I wear this on the daily. I get asked about this on the daily. I love this on the daily. So when / if it comes in, it’s a loyal liner and makes out with my lips only, and no one else (although not by choice). *Note: I once gave this to my mother as she was desperate to try and have forever regretted it to this day.

Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in Pillow Talk, $35. shop now

Rationale anything
Rationale is a rare yet treasured commodity in beauty editor land; seeing their “Essential Six” in the beauty cupboard is like seeing the ‘Big Five’ on safari in Africa, i.e. GOLDEN. But when it does arrive, particularly the Antioxidant Lipid Concentrate and ProCeramide Cleanser, it’s worth its weight in (liquid) gold.

Rationale Antioxidant Lipid Concentrate, $161. shop now

ASHLEIGH AUSTEN, Beauty And Lifestyle Editor, Whimn
“Even though working as a beauty editor means I receive and test enough products to total the GDP of a developing nation, there are still a few things I get attached to and can’t part with. Two things that never even see the cupboard because they go straight into my handbag? That would be:

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream
“It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, which ticks off serum, primer, sunscreen, foundation, highlighter and concealer in one.”

it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, $61. shop now

Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion
“The OG of air drying products (recommended by the only man who can make me feel a million bucks in an hour, hairstylist Anthony Nader.)”

Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion, $64. shop now

Ole Henriksen anything
“Ditto anything Ole Henriksen. He could be selling me on the tampon tax and I’d still buy it. His Banana Bright Eye Crème is second to none.”

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème, $55. shop now

KELSEY FERENCAK, Beauty Editor, body + soul
“Being a beauty editor means I am constantly living amongst piles and piles of product, trying to test and trial my way through to get on top of new launches. Even though there are so many exciting things to try, there’s a handful of goodies I can’t shake.”

Kosas Tinted Face Oil
“I’m an oily-faced freak and NEED a dewy glow at all times but I also want foundation that actually looks like my skin – and this guy does the trick. Plus it doesn’t dry out, even when my skin is like a sponge in winter.”

Kosås Tinted Face Oil, $64. shop now

R+Co Dart Pomade Stick
“I’m lazy when it comes to my hair and pretty much only wash it once a week – or unless I have a “special” occasion. So this comes in handy – it helps you create super sleek up ‘dos and pastes flyaways, frizz and short grey hairs (yes, I pluck) down. You literally swipe it over your hair and you’re done.”

R+Co Dart Pomade Stick, $28. shop now

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge Body Oil / Rodin Olio Lusso Body Oil / Salt by Henrix Nourish and Revive Oil
“I love body oils. Every night before I get into bed I have a ritual or slathering my whole body in oil and then getting into bed super greasy. Sounds gross, and does require washing my sheets more often but I just love the lush feeling of a good body oil and waking up in the morning with silky smooth skin.”

MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN Baccarat Rouge Body Oil, $160. shop now

Any Tom Ford perfume
“You will never find me giving away a Tom Ford fragrance, sorry. I think all Beauty Editors hoard them, even if they don’t like the scent. The only time one ever got away from me was when someone stole a bottle from a house party at my boyfriend’s.”

TOM FORD Lost Cherry Eau De Parfum 50ml, $460. shop now

Ella Jane, Content Producer, tomboy beauty
“Working as a beauty editor means that I have the crème de la crème of products delivered to me daily. A blessing? Absolutely. A nightmare to trial everything at once without wreaking havoc on your skin? Also absolutely. I remedy this by keeping a few select, VIP players close to my clutches as a sort-of beauty safety blanket, in-case of emergency.”

Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub
“This is likely the only physical exfoliant I’ll ever use. It’s rough AF on the skin which might be alarming to some but if my face is feeling crusty, this guy is my best friend. It’s packed with Hyalyronic acid, too, so that while you’re physically assaulting your face, at least it’s not drying out. I guard this scrub with my life and find any excuse I can to feature it in hopes I’ll be gifted a lifetime supply for my loyalty.”

goldfaden mc doctor’s scrub, $115. shop now