Turning up to the 2017 Australian Hair Fashion Awards under the big top in Luna Park last Sunday, ghd ambassadorship Pia Miller’s look could best be described as “ethereal glamour”. Bohemian waves of hair tousled down her back  courtesy of ghd Australia & New Zealand lead ambassador Jayne Wild – while her full-length white Grace Loves Lace gown had the eyes of every woman (and man) in the room.

While the night was full of entertainment and awards, Miller took time out from her official duties to have a chat to Grazia about all things hair – from the length of time it takes her, to how many products she uses, to her number one beauty item…

Credit Instagram: @piamiller

How long does it take you to do your hair for an evening out or event? It depends on what I’m having done, but usually about one hour in the chair for an event. Generally I work with similar hair stylists, which means they know what works for my hair and what I like so, for example, for the AHFA’s, ghd’s lead ambassador Jayne Wild styled my hair and she’s a complete master so I only had 40 minutes in the chair.  

If I’m going out for an evening with my friends, I like to keep things simple. I won’t spend an hour doing my hair. It will usually mean I build on my hairstyle from the morning, so it might only take me about 20-30 minutes. 

How many products do you use in your hair? Weekly, I usually use a leave-in hair treatment like ghd’s advanced split end therapy – this keeps my hair in good condition. When styling my hair, I find that I don’t need to do a lot of preparation, maybe a little bit of ghd curl hold spray to give my hair a little extra texture and grip. Then I run my ghd platinum styler or ghd curve classic wave wand through my hair to create a bend. I like to tousle my fingers through to loosen the curls. To finish, a light mist of ghd final fix hairspray. 

Do you prefer doing your hair yourself or having it done for you? I do spend a lot of time in hair and make-up at work, so when it comes to day-to-day, I do like the simplicity of doing this myself. It also gives me the opportunity to road test tips and tricks I’ve been shown in the chair.  

If you could only choose having your makeup done or having your hair done – which one would you choose? No brainer – my hair! I’m blessed to have ghd’s lead ambassador Jayne Wild and ghd’s creative director Richard Kavanagh to style my hair for events so I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. I enjoy watching them be creative, what they do is an art form and it’s intriguing watching them come up with the looks they do. 

And lastly, what’s the one beauty item you could never ever live without? That’s an easy one! It has to be my ghd platinum styler. For me it’s important to always have good hair, it gives me confidence walking out the door and the ghd platinum styler makes styling my hair every morning easy and doesn’t compromise the health of my hair.


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