You may not know Melanie Grant, but you will know her work. The creator of such gloriously clear complexions as Nicole Warne, Georgia Fowler, Rose Byrne, Jessica Gomes, Nicole Trunfio and Zoe Foster-Blake (to name a few) – she is a true artist when it comes to skin.

Both meticulous and rigorous when it comes to the big squeeze – she is a star on the celebrity beauty circuit. So what is the number one rule Melanie adheres to irrelevant of season? Cleansing, of course. “The age-old adage of cleansing our skin every evening will always reign supreme. Our skin does most of its healing and repairing while we sleep, so ensuring any grime, free radicals and pollution are adequately removed beforehand allows active ingredients to really take hold with the greatest possible chance of success.”

Not quite satisfied with a generic clean, she likes to add a little something something to bulk up the cleanse: facial massage. “I recommend a basic at-home approach that should only take a few minutes while cleansing. Simply focusing on upward sweeping motions using a light to medium pressure before removing your cleanser with tepid water. This will offer small but incremental benefits for the brightness, lift and radiance of your skin over time.”

But like any skin whisperer, there is one more mandatory. “I always, no matter the weather or how long you are planning to spend outdoors, wear a broad spectrum SPF each and every day. So many common concerns around pigmentation, laxity, fine lines and premature ageing can all be prevented to a degree by including high potency sun care as part of your regime.” A strong believer of the quality over quantity mantra, for Grant, it is not so much the complexity and sheer size of the routine, but the quality of the product that is the true marker of skin success. “For me, it’s never about having an elaborate skin regime, it’s about using a handful of really good, efficacious products and applying them correctly.”

Cleanse and slip, slop, slap – it’s that simple.

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