Bella backstage at Max Mara

Some girls simply see the world in black and white. And grey. And nude. And all variations of those two neutral shades. Indeed, some have built entire social media empires on a well-curated feed of wholly black and white content, whittling down the colour spectrum to greyscale, articulating their life through no rose-tinted lens, but a black and white one. And whilst there is some truth in ‘everything looks good in black and white’ (particularly when it comes to smoothing out crinkly skin – thanking you kindly, Inkwell), life should be more fun. Take the most recent instalment of Fashion Week for example, where a riot of colour played out and we danced on the verge of le vulgar. Of course, this doesn’t mean we need to saturate our faces in colour with any distinct lack of restraint, but it does stir a little pot of gold within.

Here, a simple guide to taste the rainbow, not devour it.

DO: Just Pucker Up
This is a bonafide way of adding a little beauty fantasy to a minimalist guise. The trick is to keep the rest of the face relatively untouched; skin is fresh and dewy with an all-over illuminating cream. Opt for a crisply fluorescent pink or orange, or keep it rich and heady with a merlot or plum, for a look which remains modern yet playful.

Pink lips and bare skin at Gucci

dO: Keep it Graphic
Whilst it may not be part of your instinctual beauty habits, just one chunky swipe of cobalt, chartreuse or coral can colour your world crazy (but not too crazy). Tap into one of the standout trends of the year and up your streed-cred with linear strokes of colour (see, you can still be streamlined and colourful simultaneously).

Graphic yellow eyes backstage

DO: turn around bright eyes
A pop lip can be particularly daunting for those intimated by the colour-wheel, a splash of colour on eyes, however, is a much more approachable articulation.

A subtle pink wash

DO: Blush Away
Colour can still be incorporated with subtlety not strength, and blush is the product to do it. A soft sweeping of pink or peach in a round motion will not only illustrate a splash of rosy colour, but keep you looking youthful.

A subtle sweep at Erdem

DO: Swap Your Wand
In lieu of black, sub your inky mascara wand for one dipped in blue, purple of khaki. It needn’t be dripping in colour – most coloured mascaras aren’t – just tipped with a trippy highlight. A flutter of colour is a gentle way of evoking some playful exuberance.

Karlie Kloss with coloured lashes

DON’T: Sir Mix-a-lot
One for the beauty brave, a pastiche of texture on the face is quite the audacious beauty move. Steer clear of clashing creams, powers, glitter, gels and gloss – stick to one tactile pleasure and make it a real beauty.

DON’T: Attempt more Than One Trend
The beauty equivalent of clashing prints, don’t attempt more than one colour trend. A one-hit-wonder is all you need.