There’s no denying it, the return of the hair accessory is the defining hair trend of this year.

In all its iterations – bow, headband, turban, bead, bobby pin – the hair accessory is back with fashionable fervour. However, a quandary often persists when it comes to the application of hair accessories – but how? Enter celebrity hair and makeup artist, Max May, and Australian brand, KELA. The world’s first non-slip hair accessory, KELA hair charms and chains allow non-model-celebrity types to emulate runway styles and celebrity looks at home in a few easy steps. The best part? A simple one-action clasp – music to the ears of those who struggle with at-home hair jobs.

Here, in a GRAZIA exclusive, we gleaned the best tips on how to use the hair accessory du jour from none other than Mr. May.

Hair accessories seem huge at the moment. Who should we look to for inspiration? 
Rhianna, Rose Byrne and Cara Delevingne do a great accessory. Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie have pulled some amazing moments too

Can you explain why KELA is different to a normal hair accessory?
What separates KELA from the rest is the design of the clasps and the way they attach to the hair. The silicon clasps are completely non-slip, making it impossible for them to slide or move throughout the hair for the duration of wear.

How do we actually use KELA? Can those with little hair skill still use?
The beauty of KELA and the pieces they have designed is you can have any hair length and still get the same high impact result if your hair is short or long. What I love about hair accessories is that you can give your look such an editorial finish and have completely no hair skills what so ever. Really all it comes down to is finding a piece from the range you like and attaching it!

What hairstyles best suit KELA?
Any! What I love about the range from KELA is it’s about the KELA girl and her individual style. Taking their look to a new level of hair-game is achievable with KELA.

Are there any hairstyles that should be avoided?
It’s not about avoiding hair styles it’s about creating a look you love. We focus too much on what NOT to do rather than creating and everyone is so scared to be different or creative! KELA is about creating something different, cute, sexy, fun, something that makes you feel good…. and just with a couple of clicks!

What is your ultimate tip when it comes to hair accessory styling With KELA?
Be a little daring. Try something you necessarily wouldn’t but are a little tempted by. You just may surprise yourself and your admirers. 2018 is about being a little left of centre. Celebrate your individuality!

What is the biggest mistake you see girls making with hair accessories?
Not just taking their styles that one step further to really make a statement look. When a stylist creates a style for the celebrity clientele they take risks in order to achieve and make statements. This risk is what will separate you and take your look to a new level. Don’t focus on making a mistake rather than creating something that excites you!

Time and Cover Image: Instagram, @kela_official