For fans of the Paula Hawkins novel, news that their favourite amnesia storyline was getting the film noir treatment has been met with differing opinion. At first, most were disappointed the film was being shot in New York – and the subway – given heroine Rachel’s entire existence compliments the surrounds of the suburban train ride into London each day. How can she stare out the window into a house if the Subway is predominantly underground? Then, the casting of Emily Blunt had some excited, some curious and some just plain disappointed. “She’s too put together to play the unreliable drunken Rachel”, “too pretty”, “too thin” – all comments from some of my friends.

But today as the new trailer is released, most sceptics will be silenced. For one, Blunt gets to keep her native British accent despite the murder mystery on the Metro North in NYC. (I wonder what brought her to New York? Her husband, perhaps, Tom played by Justin Theroux). Kanye’s Heartless still rings out and we see Megan plays an even bigger role than the author gave her. There’s one scene though at 2.03 where Theroux is chasing Blunt down what looks like a backyard. We know from the book this is a pivotal moment in the story and, hurrah, somewhere in New York, someone has a garden to resemble the British terrace.

The Girl On The Train releases October 6