Shopping for hair brushes can be a most daunting task. Stand in any haircare aisle, and you’re met with a sea of grisly, bristly, hirsute hair brushes. Some fluffy; others fuzzy, the humble hair brush now comes in so many sizes, shapes and textures, you almost need a degree to decipher them.

So, we asked Hollywood hair whiz (and hairstylist to the Jenner / Kardashian clan), Jonathan Colombini, exactly what we should be looking for when buying our brush. From those perfect undulating Victoria’s Secret waves to capturing that intangible blow-wave bounce, here, a quick and easy guide on decoding hair brushes.

The ceramic Round Brush
Perfect for… VS style waves as the copper barrel when heated with the hair dryer lets the brush act as a curling iron.
Who should avoid… Wild curly hair.
Expert Tip: Use the cool shot on the hairdryer when the hair is wrapped around the brush which works to set the curl with the change in heat. For a long lasting wave.

Lady Jayne Medium Ceramic Radial Brush, $29. SHOP NOW

The Paddle Brush
Perfect for… a sleek straight style or an everyday brush. The large surface area is good for those with LOTS of hair.
Who should avoid… This brush is fab for all hair styles.
Expert Tip: Can use this brush on dry or wet hair if you are time poor.

Lady Jayne Paddle Brush, $28

the Vaddle Brush

Perfect for… a simple blowout. My fave at the moment.
Who should use… A 2-in-1 brush is a mix of the paddle and the vent brush, ideal for thicker hair longer in length because of the large base and air vents.
Expert Tip: The best for a half up, half down hair style, like “The Khloe”.

Lady Jayne Vaddle Brush, $28.

the Porcupine round Brush
Perfect for… a bouncy glam look. This brush is major, and creates the effortless Hollywood Glam that some of the younger stars are working.
Expert Tip: As it is very hard to blow dry the back of your hair, section and ace the front pieces of your hair as this is the first thing everyone sees.

Lady Jayne Large Porcupine Radial Brush, $30. SHOP NOW

The Vent brush
Perfect for… a straight blow dry. This is the ultimate brush for this.
Who should use… Perfect for short to medium styled hair… also a great everyday brush.

Lady Jayne Professional Vent Brush, $24. SHOP NOW