Meghan Markel, yesterday, at her first royal engagement since her wedding day GETTY IMAGES

Apparently, becoming part of the Royal family is more than just a fairytale wedding or a lifetime of philanthropic ventures. Their centuries of traditional rule come with a long-crafted set of rules specific to the family and their closest. Some are reasonable and expected, others are, unusual. Not all are enforced, but most are appreciated.

For Meghan, specifically, now that she is the Duchess of Sussex she can wave bye bye to any future micro mini trend, forget an aubergine nail colour and farewell her Insta account…these are all banned by order of Her Majesty the Queen. A small price to pay for marrying a prince like Harry? We think so.


Here’s a snapshot of How To Duchess 101…

NO short hemlines. Royals don’t do cut-offs.

YOU MUST curtsy when greeting the Queen. Of course.

NO selfies. The Queen wants to encourage eye-contact and conversation with the public rather than quick photos.

STOP all PDA. Don’t even hand hold, especially when traveling.

NO wedges. The Queen hates them. The shoe version, not the potato version, thank goodness.

NEVER cross your legs. When sitting down, it’s a demure ankles together situation, not a cocktail-bar-cross.

NO voting. The Royal family does not have public political views or sway.

NO social media. The world of insta and facebook are deleted forever once you join the regal ranks.

NO dark nail polish. The Queen is not a fan of a moody manicure.

DO NOT play Monopoly. Strange, but true. Was there once a heated debate over Pall Mall which saw the board game  thrown forever to the dragons in the dungeon? Probably.

ALWAYS travel with an all-black mourning outfit, in case of a sudden death in the family.

YOU MUST wear a hat to all formal occasions. That’s why it was fascinator-overload on the wedding day. However, if the event is held indoors after 6pm, hats are traded for tiaras. (Hopefully to not then be swapped for pumpkins at midnight.)

And finally…NO garlic bread allowed. Apparently the Queen hates garlic, so its use is banned.

Ummmmm…okay Meghan, you might have the prince, the aquamarine ring and the tiara but we will always have the garlic bread.