As male models walked in black trenches abloom with flowers, lofty grey coats and chunky loafers, the treacle voice of FKA twigs sounded. It was disrupting, to say the least, the soft operatic warble of the avant-pop musician a stark contrast to Valentino’s subdued winter collection.

But much like collection’s sentiment – a collision of sensitivity and spontaneity, colour and composition – it was beautifully jarring, a moment of divine fashionable intervention that proved an early highlight of Men’s Fashion Week.

Like an angel descending from the heavens, the seraphic soprano gave delicate renditions of “Mary Magdalene” and “Cellophane”, songs from her most recent album, ‘Magdalene’. And much like her performance, her outfit too was momentous. Sheathed in floral-embroidered white lace which shimmered as she moved, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino couture gown was nothing short of breathtaking.

But perhaps even more spectacular was the jewelled veil across her face; like an elaborate half-fencing mask, it dripped with incandescent diamonds, adding another layer of theatre to the highly emotive performance.

Like a celestial beacon beaming from the black stage, FKA twigs – both the girl and voice – not only provided light in an otherwise moody show, she stole it. As Piccoli wrote on Instagram:

“FKA Twigs.
Your talent is pure beauty, you let us dream, all. Grazie
“That’s why it’s all for the gain
It’s all for the lovers tryna push the pain away
It’s all for the gain
It’s all for the lovers tryna fuck away the pain.
Mirrored Heart.
Men’s F/W 2020-21″