Kate Middleton (Meg Bellamy) and Prince William (Ed McVey) in ‘The Crown’ season six. Image via Netflix.

The past five seasons of Netflix’s cult-favourite history drama The Crown have offered a contemporary retelling of some of the most captivating moments in the Royal family’s history.

However, for modern Royalists—including those who devoured every tabloid update detailing the minutiae of the future King and Queen’s burgeoning relationship—The Crown’s chronicling of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s time at St. Andrews College is the moment they’ve been holding out for.

Now, Netlix have shared their first official images of Prince William, played by the uncannily identical Ed McVey, and Kate Middleton, portrayed by this season’s soon-to-be breakout star Meg Bellamy. 

Upon first glance of the pair, complete in their thick, scratchy sweaters, pseudo-salt-of-the-earth denim and the quintessential Hugh Grant hair flick, you’re immediately transported back to 2003.

You’re taken to a time before they were the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and even before Kate was labelled ‘Waity Katie’ by the British press.

Prince William (Ed McVey) in The Crown season six. Image via Netflix.

Their relationship was a cataclysmic force within both ‘The Firm’ and the circus that is tabloid media.

We mustn’t forget that before the treatment Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were subject to by the media, Middleton was once the target of their unscrupulous barrage.

Seeing these images—of Kate looking up in a classroom from underneath her iconic side bangs and William perched on a seemingly jacquard couch—we’re reminded of how relentlessly persistent the media ridiculed Middleton.

Given that the upcoming sixth season of The Crown will follow the early stages of their relationship, their portrayal could be the saving grace the franchise needs after a lacklustre fifth season.

Playing on the elements of nostalgia, it’s a pertinent time for the images to be released as the Royal family currently gears up for their biggest event since the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III’s coronation.

If anything, The Crown’s sixth season will be an apt reminder of the chokehold the Prince and Princess of Wales had on the British public.


Because isn’t a quasi-accurate television retelling of Middleton’s iconic runway walk—which was reportedly the first time Prince William saw her in a romantic light—what we’ve all been holding out for?

The Crown hasn’t confirmed the release date of the sixth season, but with reports that this will be the final season of the franchise, we’re anticipating the nostalgic undertones to be exponentially relied on.