It’s cold out. Very cold. Winter is well and truly upon us and typically a change in season heralds a change in hair colour. Women tend to skew darker – abiding to that beauty adage you always go darker in winter – and hair becomes brittle and weak (much like ourselves).

But with the bleached bandwagon rolling ahead at full steam, can you still bleach your hair in winter? Or do brunettes really have more fun in the colder months? Celebrity colourist and master educator, Monique McMahon of QUE Colour, weighs in on the colour debate and sheds some light (and shade) on winter hair colour trends. Plus, tells us how to put some TLC back into sad strands.

What are the biggest colour trends for winter? and what is on its way out?
Colour trends are are all about comfort this winter; we are seeing a movement towards nude colour. It’s perfectly imperfect and works with your natural tones. What’s out is over-bleached hair.

How should we best look after our colour in winter?
Winter hair loses its shine and becomes quite brittle from the cold. It’s the season to get a gloss colour in the salon; I love the colour shine treatment by Sebastian, it’s our hero in-salon treatment in winter. At home, regenerate your hair with the Christophe Robin Mask with rare prickly pear seed oils.

Should a haircare routine change according to season? 
Absolutely, as the hair cries for different attention in summer than in winter. In summer, our hair becomes dry and we really give it a hard time, whereas in winter it becomes weak and brittle. Put back the love with leave-in products such as a daily leave-in moisturiser and Lavender Oil by Christophe Robin.

It’s common for women to go darker in winter, but with the trend of bleached blonde persisting – can we still try the bleach in winter?
Bleach will always be about summer, but in the winter change your toner up and give it a little depth; go a softer tone than those strong summer bleaches.