The quest for a new mascara often seems the impossible task. Too thick. Too wet. Too slender. Too scrawny. The quandaries seem endless, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to the individual and their specific lash needs. For some, it’s all about girth. Others, prefer delicacy and daintiness. Then for those with slightly softer edges, lash health is key. So how to decipher what wand is for you? Whilst mascara-ing all comes down to personal preference (I like mine thick and big, for example), there are dedicated mascaras out specific fuctions (and personalities).

Here are three of the latest and greatest to try, that all come in at a very thrifty price tag. Wand-er this way.

for the innovator
OK, this is what we call a pioneer. A “bendable” mascara, you can quite literally change the position of L’Oreal’s Unlimited wand to get into those hard to reach places (or lashes). With one easy swivel, the wand assumes an all-new, angled position, which targets the little baby lashes on the inner corners of the eyes, whilst its original straight-up shape works the big guys. Latex polymers ensure you get a little stretch out of your lash, giving them both length and lift for up to 24-hours, whilst the finish is bold and black. A dual-position mascara that packs a punch, it’s revolutionary.

L’Oreal Paris Unlimited Mascara, $30. shop now

For the maximalist
For those who like it loud, time to get acquainted with Revlon’s Volumazing Mascara. The unique Volumazing brush is, well, pretty amazing. A medium-sized wavy wand, it has mini reservoirs which stockpile an ultra-creamy formula, taking your lashes from quiet to riot with a stroke (or two). Better still, it is enriched with olive oil to keep lashes loved and flake-free, plus is budge-proof for up to 24-hours (great for dance floor darlings). Be lash loud and proud, baby.

Revlon Volumazing Mascara, $20. shop now

for the smooth operator
Like long lashes but don’t want to comprise your lash health? Meet L’Oreal’s Paradise Mascara. There’s a reason this is Priceline’s number one mascara (true story), because quite frankly, it’s amazing. The feather-soft wand glides onto lashes with ease, coating each strand with a castor oil-rich formula that leaves them both silky smooth and super long. Welcome to lash paradise.

L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara, $25. shop now

Tile and Cover Credit: Instagram, @emrata