Hi. Hello. Just your friendly weather-for-fashion-updater here letting you know that most of the country will be visiting the arctic side come Friday. Time to release the knits.

So, while you hang up your floaty frocks for another year, pull out your pile of sweaters and hope to hell that the fact you quickly stashed them on a shelf eight months doesn’t mean they’re now riddled with moth holes. Once you’re know you’re moth free, look over your collection and turn up your nose in boredom. Salvage two and then decide it’s definitely time to shop for some newness in the knit department.

Proof knitwear has a multitude of powers? Alicia Vikander looked every part the sophisticated, chic star yesterday while she walked through NYC in an oversized red knit, even though it was only hours after the Met Gala and she probably felt as fresh as the dregs in a week-old coffee cup.


So in the interests of keeping both stylish and warm (but, mostly stylish) we recommend the following. The yarn of the season? Bright colours, mid-rise crew necks and boxy cuts. As an aside, we also recommend taking up knitting and making your own…it’s very therapeutic…and you’ll likely have a lovely new sweater scarf come winter 2020.

The Knitter, The Happy Hearts, $550. SHOP NOW

Zara, multicoloured striped sweater, $80. SHOP NOW

H&M, knitted wool-blend jumper, $60. SHOP NOW

By Marlene Birger, balancia knit, $262 from Net-A-Porter. SHOP NOW

Ganni, Juliard mohair sweater, $525 from Net-a-porter. SHOP NOW

Country Road, fluffy crop knit, $159. SHOP NOW

Acne, Penina chunky bright, $560. SHOP NOW

Scanlan & Theodore, brushed mohair sweater, $400. SHOP NOW

Jason Wu Grey, bunny sweater, $530 from Shopbop. SHOP NOW

C/MEO Collective, Imminent’ knit, $190 from The Iconic. SHOP NOW