If anyone is going to convince you to wear glitter, it’s Beyoncé. Our forever beauty queen (and everything queen) has just made us rethink eye glitter (again), and just in time for the party season.

Taking the stage in an embellished bodysuit, Beyoncé’s eyes were also bedecked; coated from cut-crease to lash line in a brilliant shimmering rose gold.

This wasn’t just a mere dab of sparkle on the inner lid, or outer corners, rather, her entire lid was smothered in a champagne-coloured sparkle: very festive and very Beyoncé, indeed.

And if there’s any time to add a little sparkle to your beauty routine, it’s now. With the festive season well and truly upon us, December is the one time of the year to douse yourself in shimmer – even if you like to play it safe – and matte. A trend that is seemingly going nowhere, take the celebrity cues of Bey, Rihanna, Kimmy K and Bella Hadid, and add a dash of glimmer to your beauty routine.

For an all-out glitter look like Beyoncé’s, coat the entire lid in a glitter pigment like M.A.C Cosmetics Pigment. You don’t even need glue according to Senior Artist (and self-professed glitter queen) Nicole Thompson, “it just sticks to your lid naturally.” If you skew on the shier side of things, choose a metallic wash as oppose to chunky sparkle. Buff a glitter-flecked shadow above the eye and let the magic happen when the light hits your eye, as opposed to an all-out glitter assault. Or, dab just a little down the centre of the lid for the ultimate eye-opener.

Remember, when anchoring your look in glitter keep the rest of your complexion clean and glossy, making the sparkle the star. “Gloss and glitter is always a good idea,” adds Thomson.

The ultimate eye look for the festive season, go forth and shine bright like Beyoncé.