Apparently in addition to the unofficial requirements of entry into Taylor Swift’s squad (you know, must have an eclectic albeit esteemed resume, must enjoy baking, oh and must be a cat person) there a new deal-breaker to fast-track admission: Must know how to give good beach hair. A glance at the Taylor’s Instagram group shot from her Fourth of July soiree shows members Blake Lively, Cara Delevingne, Este Haim, Halston Sage, Gigi Hadid, Rachel Platten and Harley Gusman, boasting honey highlights and textured waves en masse. 

Credit: Instagram @TaylorSwift 

While the bombshell appeal of beach waves is is easy to emulate in steamy Rhode Island, there are products available to fake the same seaside strands when you’re stuck in a wintery, Australian city. However styling success comes down to knowing your hair type and timing.

“Air-drying and embracing your natural texture is a more modern way of wearing your hair, but you can use products to help it along,” says hairstylist and founder of his eponymous label, Kevin Murphy. “Always start by squeezing excess moisture out of freshly washed hair with a towel, don’t rub it, and then you really have to shape and set your hair the way you want it to fall and dry, because once the hair is dry you can’t go back.”

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Credit: Instagram @slaygihadid

His next tip? Watch your timing. “You want to wait a few minutes for your hair to slightly dry before applying your product, but how long you leave it depends on your hair type,” Murphy says. “If your hair is finer, go in at about 10 minutes, if your hair is thicker, apply at the 20 minute mark.”

And if your super straight hair has no chance of ever emulating a surfer chick’s strands on it’s own? “Faking un-done waves is easiest done with a triple barrel tong, just make sure you never start the curl above the cheekbone.”

Light sprays work best on finer hair, while thicker, coarser types often need a heavier cream to smooth frizz weigh it down, and texturising foams are the best heat protecting partner for those faking waves with hot tools. Consider our picks below.

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Cover Image: Instagram @slaygihadid