Taylor Swift might be letting her natural ringlets run free in the New York heat, sporting a more 2006 aesthetic, but there’s another significant style shift that’s totally new for the singer – actual gym attire and post-workout face.

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To understand the significance of Swift’s sudden appreciation of lycra, loose t-shirts and colourless lip balm, we must cast our minds back to 2014. It was the year that Swift had just moved to Manhattan and just released her first purely pop album, 1989 to huge success. It was also the year that we were served daily snaps of the award-winner emerging from her TriBeCa gym looking (almost annoyingly, TBH) immaculate, with nary a sweaty hair strand, flushed skin or packed gym bag in sight. In their place were a perfect blowout, flawless make-up, 6-inch heels and a pristine Prada bag.

Taylor favoured smooth blowouts, statement lips and feminine dresses for leaving the gym in 2014
Credit: Getty Images

Fast forward to 2016 and Swift has been spotted twice looking fresh-faced and make-up free, instead clad in chic activewear and on-trend trainers. Whether the sudden post-fitness style transformation is a result of recent scandals – in a world where everything is planned and premeditated, might Swift’s sudden ‘love’ of lycra be part of an attempt to appear more down to earth – is unsure, but for now we are satisfied to know that the New Romantics singer sweats like the rest of us. That, and nothing say’s payback like a hot body.