Businesswoman, fashion buyer, style blogger, television host, designer, model and mother of two, Tash Sefton – co-creator with best friend Elle Ferguson of wildly digital brand They All Hate Us – is certainly a great many things, but what you mightn’t know is there’s another creative string to her bow: fine artist.

In 2015, Sydney-based Sefton founded painting company Sefton Sedegin with her sister Hayley Segedin, who is also a landscape architect and project manager.

“We wanted everyone to have access to original, affordable art because it’s so important to be surrounded by colour and creativity in your living and work spaces,” says Sefton of the company, which they run from a studio in the upmarket, Harbour-side suburb of Mosman.

Sister act: Tash Sefton and Hayley Segedin
Credit: Bonnie Hansen

While their Fauvist-inspired (mostly black and white) prints sell online or through the brand’s Instagram for anywhere between $170 to $350, almost of half of Sefton Segedin’s business is for original commissions, many of which come from overseas.

Their most recent, however, came from closer to home. Dale McCarthy, the founder and creative director of swim and resort-wear brand BONDI BORN engaged the sisters to create a print for a four-piece, limited edition capsule range, which dropped in-store this week.

We spoke to Sefton – photographed here in the BONDI BORN pieces at her home in Mona Vale on Sydney’s northern beaches – ahead of the collection’s drop.

Sefton, shot here at her Mona Vale home, wears a piece from the Bondi Born capsule featuring her art
Credit: Bonnie Hansen

HOW DID YOU COME TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS CAPSULE? DID YOU KNOW DALE OR HER WORK WELL BEFOREHAND? It’s funny I had never met Dale prior to her contacting us about this collab. We share many mutual friends, so it’s strange our paths never crossed before. When Hayley and I met her, we immediately clicked as we have a similar love of form and design and our beautiful country for inspiration, which made the concept easily come alive. She had followed me and my fashion business ( for many years and loved the idea of collaborating with Australian artists to create an original and unique fabric print. We are very excited as having this type of illustration created in apparel and swim is unique on a global scale.

WHAT IS SEFTON SEGEDIN AND WHAT SORT OF WORK DOES IT NORMALLY PRODUCE? Hayley and I have always painted and drawn, mainly for family and friends on a commission basis and for our homes. When my followers would see the pieces in my home we were inundated with requests for people to buy them, so we started selling our work via our Instagram account @seftonsegedin. Every piece is hand drawn by us so our customers buy original art (not a print, which is the becoming norm now). We are shipping our pieces all over the world and it’s been an incredible 12-month journey. We didn’t anticipate the demand for art on a global scale and many of the pieces are bought as gifts, which is so lovely. Each piece has a story and about 40 percent is commission work for private clients creating unique pieces for them. The most popular has been our monochromatic illustrations and the KISS collection.

A swimsuit and collared shirt also feature in the four-piece resort capsule
Credit: Bonnie Hansen

IT MIGHT COME AS A SURPRISE TO FANS OF TAHU THAT YOU ARE ALSO AN ARTIST. HOW AND WHEN DID THIS SIDE INTEREST BEGIN? It’s funny as I was drawing and painting long before I studied fashion design or got into the fashion industry. Hayley and I have always done it just privately. It’s incredible that I can use my social platform to share with my followers all the other passions I have. Hayley and I are both very creative and have always surrounded ourselves with art. In in our family home the walls are covered, so it’ s just our norm. It’s lovely I can evolve my career into different avenues while still doing my day job with Elle and They All Hate Us.

“Now I just need a few extra days in the week to focus on our art business as it continues to grow so rapidly.”

CAN YOU DESCRIBE THIS ILLUSTRATION AND WHAT IT WAS INFLUENCED BY? Hayley and I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere. A lot of it comes from my love of fashion. We look at fashion magazines, as the model poses create beautiful shapes most readers wouldn’t see. But when you have the paintbrush in your hand most of it just comes naturally. We do make lots of mistakes, which is all part of the process of creating something that is perfect.

Shop the Bondi Born x Sefton Segedin Capsule Collection here.