Is it a bracelet, anklet, delicate necklace, layered choker or long chain? The honest answer is for creative jewellery-lovers, it can be all of these things and plenty more we’ve not considered yet.

The ‘it’ we refer to is this buffet of pieces from Swarovski’s new Remix Collection, which might be more aptly named See-Mix, given the fun mix-and-match premise behind the range.

The starting point is the 40-plus single strand bracelets, which range across four different style categories from romantic to rock chick. The idea is that you then double-down (or ideally multiple-down if you’re game) by joining the pieces together to make the sum total more of a statement.

Sounds fiddley? The reality’s far from it thanks to a clever magnetic catch on each bracelet that’s disguised as a shimmering pave ball. They’re strong enough to resist pulling on the chain but easy to separate with the help of a fingernail in a triangular indent.

The key is to find bracelet decorations that fit your personality and mood. As well as the expected glittering Swarovski crystals, Remix also features a combination of pearl and symbols – like hearts, emojis and hamsa hands – on the silver tone and rose gold tone strands.

It’s never been easier to channel your inner little girl and dress-up in your own jewellery box, and with a price of just $99 per strand, it’s an attractively budget-friendly way to play too.

Swarovski Remix Collection, $99 each. SHOP NOW