Adwoa Aboah. Art: Kimberlee Kessler. Credit: Swarovski

Accessories have the power to add a not-so-subtle statement to any outfit, no matter how simple it is. An eye-catching necklace or bold bracelet can evoke an extra-meets-elegance attitude that says “who is she?” without saying anything at all.

As part of Swarovski‘s new offering by creative director Giovanna Engelbert, Collection I, the “Millenia” styles are incredible; luxury crystal pieces that elevate your everyday wardrobe for maximum style impact. With it, Engelbert – known for her cool-girl, Italian-inspired dress sense – puts a classic yet modern spin on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to have, and wear, forever. (Engelbert is wearing two of the Swarovski Collection I Millenia necklaces in blue and white below).

The famed fashion editor’s role with the Swarovski brand has marked a new era in the house’s 125-year history, where she took “mathemagical” inspo from founder Daniel Swarovski’s geometry drawings and technical sketches. Engelbert’s free-spirited, playful take on this can be seen in the Millenia necklace, a trilliant-cut crystal statement piece that suits a crisp, collared button-down as much as it does an after-five mini. Layer big, bold rhodium-plated bracelets in rainbow-hued pink and orange, add a set of pear-cut circle-shaped earrings or stand-alone clip-ons that can be worn anywhere along the ear, for a New York punk-meets-pretty edge. (Engelbert is wearing the Swarovski Collection I Millenia necklace in green (with a second necklace as an extension), and Collection I Dulcis cocktail ring below.)

Or for a demure take on Millenia, pair the precision-engineered “triangle” necklace – featuring a uniform row of step-cut crystals – with a geometric ring that has octagon crystals on claw settings.
The Millenia collection is as fundamental to your wardrobe as that basic white designer T-shirt you pair with everything.

Like Swarovski (and Engelbert herself), Millenia’s chameleon-like jewels adapt to the individual style of the wearer, for any occasion. “As I set out on my own creative journey, I respect how transformative jewellery can be,” Engelbert said, of her vision. In doing so, she created “pieces and a vision of style that women and men could embrace and feel like their bold unique selves in”. Millenia takes you from a dream-like state to well-accessorised reality and back again for day, night or both.

Shop Collection I Millenia pieces below (and if you have any questions, Swarovski have a really great one-way video chat on their website. It will appear as a pop-up in which you can chat to – and see – a real-life human as you shop the collection online. We’ve tried this service and it’s excellent!)

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