Kelly Gale has all the markings of the modern model. Long, lean, beautiful, fit. The waif-like form of the ’90s and early ’00s has begun to ebb and fit, as it were, has now become as much a prerequisite for the modelling industry as skinny; girls now boast chests that are a little larger, abs that are a little harder, legs that are a little stronger. This is particularly the case for the Victoria’s Secret model; a nonpareil of the modelling elite who, in a kind of nostalgic throwback to the glamour girls of the ‘80s, typically sport a more buxom, athletic frame to their ‘high-fashion’ counterparts. To be gifted the holy grail of this world – ‘the wings’ – you must present a certain kind of spark; that intangible flicker in your eye (plus perfect proportions and high-cut cheekbones, of course). For the Indian-Australian model, she had all of the above, and last year flew into her first Victoria’s Secret show, wings a blazin’.

Victoria’s Secret aside, Gale has spread her wings elsewhere; gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated and Playboy, walking for Chanel, Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier and starring in adverts for fashion giant H&M.

Gale opens the Kookai show in Melbourne last week

Back on (very stylish) home soil, Gale made her debut for now Australian-owned brand, Kookai, opening and closing the Paris-inspired show for the formidable fashion house. Following in the glamorous foosteps of mega models Shanina Shaik, Nicole Trunfio and Cat McNeil, the task was no mean feat, in fact, a momentous milestone in the modelling world.

Chatting exclusively to GRAZIA backstage, watch her discuss winter fashion, the beauty product she can’t live without and exactly what a day in the life of Kelly Gale looks like.

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