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There’s nothing like a little healthy competition between friends to inspire you to bring your A-game, right? Thankfully the female cast of Suicide Squad couldn’t be closer or cushier (DIY team tattoos, much?) but we’re predicting that Pinterest will barely be able to keep up with Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie and Karen Fukuhara’s triple threat hair efforts while out on the film’s promotional tour.

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Comfortably flexing her movie star muscles, Cara Delevingne’s beauty efforts on the tour all been spiked with a definite comic-book character appeal. Jen Atkin’s chose double buns for Delevingne, complete with the face-framing tendrils that have become a trademark for many of her A-list clients (Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid et al.) Next Cara took to the streets of Manhattan teaming some tough inside-out, boxer braids with a dark smoky eye and oxblood lips. Softening things up the following night, Cara looked ever the A-lister with a mod-style, half-up ponytail and winged cat’s eye.

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Not to be outdone, we were glad to see that Margot Robbie didn’t let her hair efforts to lapse after letting go of her Harley Quinn’s signature pigtails. At the hands of her hairstylist Sara Potempa, Robbie went down the ethereal route via a half-up fishtail braid. Next we saw her blonde locks again woven, this time into a low, twisted braid that offered some serious Princess Elsa vibes. And finally in subtle a nod to her on-screen character, Robbie opted for some nape-grazing, braided pigtails that Harley Quinn would no doubt tip her baseball bat to.

Meanwhile their co-star Karen Fukuhara looked to have ditched the pitch-black hair she donned for her role as Katana in the film, lightening up her long bob lengths up for the summer. Whether it’s down and wavy or twisted up, her softly belayed strands prove that it’s often the subtle hair shifts that offer the most impact.