They’re the genetically-blessed offspring of a Hollywood heavyweight and a former supermodel who collectively starred as on-stage ushers at the Golden Globes earlier this year. Now towering sisters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet Stallone can add international fashion campaign faces to their enviable resume.

Australian accessories brand The Daily Edited, founded by Alyce Tran in 2011 and best known for its initial-stamped clutches and phone cases, and for collaborating with Hailey Baldwin on a capsule collection last year, has continued its tradition of collaborating with fascinating future stars its newest advertising push, labelled Meet the Stallones.

Sisters Scarlet (14), Sistine (18) and Sophia (20) have finally stepped into the limelight after a low-key childhood Credit: Darren McDonald

Unlike a typical A-list fronted bag campaign though, each young lady was allowed to pick her favourite piece from the collection to appear with. While Sistine, 18, and youngest sister Scarlet, 14, chose a giant tote bag and clutch respectively, eldest sister Sophia, 20, is just like the rest of us when it comes to keeping things simple. “I love the phone cases,” she admits. “I think they’re cute – with our names on them.”

Sophia with a universal favourite amongst the sisters: the Black Overnight Bag, $450 Credit: Darren McDonald

“We like doing shoots together, but the fact that this is a campaign just totally upped the ante,” says Sistine of working with her sisters. “People have all these perceptions and idea of who we are, and when they meet us they’re like, “Ok, thank you!”. I think we’re a mystery because we’re only starting up now.

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“Ever since the Golden Globes, we’ve got a lot of buzz and a lot of attention, so I think it’s a snowball effect and we’re still gaining momentum in this industry.” Presumably, she’s talking about the modelling industry, which all three are clearly suited to – no surprise given their mother is ’90s supermodel-turned-actress Jennifer Flavin, 48.

“I definitely got a lot of style from my mum, watching her put on these gorgeous outfits when I was little,” says Sistine.

Sistine (right, with Sophia) says her own style has been influenced by her famous mother Credit: Darren McDonald

One obvious fan of the trio, of course, is Globe-winning actor and director, Sylvester Stallone, who dropped in on shoot day and used his smartphone to snap them in action, like any other proud dad. “It’s never quiet with you three, which I love,” he said of his girls, who he describes as volcanic and disruptive at home. “The carnival is always in town.”

The #MeetTheStallones collection launches on The Daily Edited today.