“2 Freckles and a Sherbie, please.”

Remember walking to your local milk bar after school, backpack on, 50 cents in hand, asking for your favourite lollies – Freckles, Fantales, Jelly Beans, Strawberries & Cream – and actually being able to acquire quite the stash? Ah, the good ol’ days.

Now, you can reminisce (and look fabulous), as Australian retail icon Sportsgirl and beloved confectionary giant Allen’s team up for the tastiest beauty collaboration to date.

Making childhood and beauty dreams come true, all your favourite candy classics have been mixed with your go-to beauty products to create the ultimate (and affordable) beauty collection: Allen’s x Sportsgirl Beauty.

For sweet tooth’s and beauty fans alike, the seven-product collaboration sees a range of Sportsgirl cult faves getting the Allen’s sweet treatment.

Take a trip down memory lane and choose between the Chocolate Freckles Eyeshadow Palette and the Stawberries & Cream Body Scrub.

Or, radiate with the Fantales Glow Cream and Sherbies Illuminating Palette, a surefire way to glow without the sugar high.

For a sweet treat sans the calories, Nail It with the Peaches & Cream Scented Nail Polish Pack or gloss it up with the Jelly Bean Scented Lip Trio Pack. And there’s even a party mix (a party non-negotiable), with the Makes Scents Allen’s Party Mix Trio Pack. Basically it’s the ultimate sweet talk for any big kid.

A little bit of fun since 1891, a lot of fun today; time to let your big kid run wild.

The Allen’s x sportsgirl beauty range launches instore and online today.