Sophie Wilde Wears Jan Logan. Credit: Supplied

There a few Australian jewellery brands that quite have a heritage, nor a connection to rising local actresses than that of Jan Logan. Founded in 1990, the eponymous label has been draped on the arms of the affluent and well-dressed for three decades. And if we’re still counting, the local empire has continued to be a influential platform for up-and-coming Australian actresses for 20 years.

This month Jan Logan adds another fresh face to its resumé of past ambassadors – think Elizabeth Debicki, Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin – for the 2021 Kandinsky Collection. Enter in: Sophie Wilde.

Sophie Wilde Wears Jan Logan. Credit: Supplied

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the 23-year-old actress has burst onto the scene thanks to her starring role in Stan series, EDEN. For Wilde, this project (and jewellery campaign), is not only a series of ‘firsts’ but a step towards further equality on the screen. Born to an Ivorian mother and Australian father, the young talent is using her time in the spotlight to advocate for racial diversity.

“I love the brand and their pieces are so beautiful. Plus, my parents told me ‘you have to do this!’ as they are big fans too,” Wilde says. “Jan Logan also has a strong connection with the film industry, so it was really nice to be approached to do a campaign as an actor, and to be acknowledged for my work.”

Sophie Wilde Wears Jan Logan. Credit: Supplied

The 2021 Kandinsky Collection is inspired by the painter, Wassily Kandinsky, who was a pioneer of abstract art. Harnessing the values and design sensibilities of the artist, Jan Logan combines various shapes and colours using the different forms of fine jewellery including metals, gems and wondrous pearls. In turn, a sense of warmth, clarity and optimism exudes through the range.

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