Ah, the micro bag. It’s been fashion’s fascination for some time now, with super shrunken totes slung across every veritable editor and blogger, and Paris Fashion Week championing the plight of le petit sac emphatically. They came in various forms: the tasselled at Paco Rabanne, the textured at Lanvin and the movement-peaking, mini cylindrical Le Vanity (if we can even call it that), at Jacquemus.

But it’s Louis Vuitton whom have taken the trend and really turned it on its head, contriving a teeny tiny bag dedicated to one thing and one thing only: lipstick. Yes, Nicolas Ghesquière’s newest addition to the house’s iconic monogrammed luggage offering is a mini case designed simply to hold lipstick. Chic? Indeed!

Inspired by the Deco jewellery cases of the 1920s, it features that classic LV clasp and long chain, perfect for décolletage dangling or slinging to the strap of your go-to handbag (like the Speedie or Keepall).

Oh, and for anyone ready to denounce the practicality of such a petite purchase, please note: each case is crafted with an equally tiny mirror for touch-ups on-the-go. No more hunting at the bottom of your bag for a rogue lipstick bullet. A stylish solution to the seemingly eternal quest for lost lipstick in a big handbag, for those who value rouge à lèvres above all else, give your lipstick dapper new digs inside Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed Lipstick Case. Now all you need to do is decide which one is worth upgrading to VIP housing.

Louis Vuitton Lipstick Case, $1740. SHOP NOW