Hair accessories are like that one best friend who no matter how little you see them will always be your mate. Withstanding an LDR (long-distance relationship), matrimony or ankle-biters, they’re in it for the long haul, truly. And just like that, the hair accessories of our past recur at some point or another. Thought the headband went on hiatus? It’s back via Miu Miu, Prada and Saint Laurent. Bobby (pin) no longer features in just dance concerts, he too has made a comeback. Even the scrunchie, which we thought to be taking a very long sabbatical, is saying hello. So like a long lost friend, the darling barrette is sliding back into DMs and hair, and we’re glad she is.

The slender, French-er, chicer, more pompous cousin of the hair clip, the barrette is the fancy girl’s answer to hair accessorising, and luckily for her, Shrimps – the bag, not barbie kind – has resurrected her with a playful, new spirit. Two, in fact.

Her name is Antonia. She is pearly and dainty and glorious, and we love her. She comes in duck egg blue, noir, citron and cream – she even comes arranged in floral posies. She is the iconic Shrimps bag shrunk into clip form. And she’s fast doing everyone’s ‘dos.

Then there’s Cleo, the colourful, pert sister of Antonia. She likes block colour and a lot of crystal, and comes in picked tones of emerald, ruby and sapphire. She is a litter louder and prouder, but don’t be afraid, she is kitschy but likes to keep it chic, too. So chic in fact, she’s exclusive to

Much like the cult standing of the Shrimps bag – which takes its inspirations from the witticisms of modern art, pattern and texture – the Antonia and Cleo Barrettes maintain the classic tropes of the brand; pearlescent and lyrical.

Chic, playful, perky; they are the ultimate hair slide to cheer up unhappy hair this festive season. Did we mention we love them?

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Shrimps Cleo bead-embellished hair clip, $112.
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