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What better way to convey the spirit of sisterhood and female friendship in a set of fashion photos than to cast actual sisters as the stars. Throw in one of the world’s hottest models on the rise, and you’ve got the ingredients for commercial magic.

Brit It-girls Suki and Imogen (Immy) Waterhouse, along with American model-of-the-moment Alanna Arrington, appear in a creative advertising and social media campaign series for designer fashion e-tailer SHOPBOP that centres around the idea of femininity mixed female empowerment – all in really, really beautiful-slash-cool clothes, of course.

Immy and Suki Waterhouse with Alanna Arrington

Suki Waterhouse

The trio are all uniquely suited to the fantasy campaign, which serves up six images each matching one of six trends SHOPBOP’s deemed key for the new season: Pretty in Pink, All-Day Lingerie, Tailor Made, Modern Americana, New Romantics and So Cool. 

London-based Suki has case-loads of the cred needed to front a designer fashion campaign: the 25-year-old actor and model, who was famously scouted in an English pub, also co-owns an accessories range called Pop & Suki with her best friend Poppy Jamie. The label has fast become a celebrity favourite since its launch last year.

Arrington with Immy Waterhouse

In the pink: Suki Waterhouse flanked by Arrington and Immy

Younger sister Immy, 22, is clearly at home in front of a camera too. After deciding to extend her range from modelling to acting, she landed a role in Tom Ford’s much-lauded 2016 film Nocturnal Animals.

Finally, Iowa-raised teenager Arrington has sent the fashion world into a tail spin since her arrival to the big leagues last year, almost single-handedly making the shaggy bob cool again. The 18-year-old has been in hot demand with designers since the beginning of the Autumn/Winter 2017 runway show season in New York a fortnight ago, just as she was the Spring/Summer season before it.

Alanna Arrington

Rather appropriately, the theme colour running through the entire campaign is one that’s featured heavily in recent women’s marches worldwide: pink. “I love reclaiming pink as a colour and going all out,” Suki Waterhouse said.

“There is so much power in it and I love how girls are taking the colour and all its feminine connotations, and wearing it proudly and powerfully. I got incredibly excited seeing the wave of thousands of pink hats at the women’s march.”

Passionate words indeed. If adding to cart is so empowering, then we’re ready to join the movement.

Immy Waterhouse
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