In the beauty realm, a dewy complexion can act like somewhat of a time machine. 

Luminosity and general radiance can boost your skin’s appearance and promote a youthful guise. “In regards to your skin, luminous and dewy looking skin signifies youth,” Renya Xydis explains. “When you are young, you ooze youthfulness through a naturally bright complexion, lack of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. When women start to notice the ageing process kicking in, and want to recreate that youthful appearance, what do they use? Dewy foundation and highlighter.” Simple, really.

But what about hair? Can you inject a jab of youth into your hair? According to Renya, you can. “Shiny hair is the dewy makeup of the hair world,” she notes. “It’s a similar story with our hair. When we are young, our hair is shiny, not as brittle and hydrated. As we get older, our hair starts to become dull, can become brittle and requires higher maintenance and love.”

An unlikely pair, but “dewy makeup and shiny hair go hand-in-hand in order to make you look and feel younger.” Much like dewy, radiant makeup, there are hair products that can help you achieve a youthful look, like shine sprays and mists.

“However, nothing beats the shine from a healthy diet and lifestyle and great products for your hair (shampoo, conditioner, hair masques and oils)… just like you would use on your skin to increase collagen and fight wrinkles,” explains Renya. Here, three hacks to bring your shine back.

Renya’s Top Trick’s For Achieving
Shiny Hair (Other Than A Healthy Diet)

• Try to balance hydration and protein rich products throughout your haircare regimen. Use a hydrating shampoo and a protein conditioner / mask for one month, and then swap the sequence around.
• Try to steer clear of extreme heat application. If you are going to be investing in a hot hair tool, look for one that has adjustable settings.
• Treat yourself! A smooth blow-dry will always present shiny hair well. Pop into your hairdresser for a treatment and blow-dry. Not only will you get a relaxing massage, but you will leave the salon with smooth, shiny, glossy looking hair.

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