It seems Selena Gomez wasn’t totally content with her platinum blonde hair. Well, kind of. Hung Vanngo posted a photo of young Selena – all doe-eyed and bee-stung lipped – with her freshly dyed platinum blonde hair. But, there was a remarkable difference: dip-dyed lavender ends.

The hair evolution of Selena has been momentous as of late, and nothing is as exciting as unexpected colour. Proving to be quite the colour chameleon when it comes to her locks, the former brunette washed a lilac rinse through the bottom of her choppy lob. Perfectly pastel and beautifully soft, Selena’s most recent change offers just a subtle hint of colour (a great entry level move for those wanting to explore kaleidoscopic colour, but one that works better on blondes). Still sporting a dark root (which ties her eyebrows in nicely), it moves through to bleached blonde then at the ear, a lavender wash unexpectedly appears – albeit it a faint one. Temporary or not, it’s a noteworthy hair moment nonetheless.

With Ultra Violet named as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018, it seems Selena’s liking for lilac is timely. It might be time to reach for that pot of purple dye – even just for a day.