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It dawned on the internet just recently that Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend The Weeknd looks like the spitting image of her dad. And as Refinery29 pointed out, the answer seems to come down to science; a Freudian theory in fact which says that we unconsciously gravitate towards those who share the same values as our parents. So why do we as women tend to fall for men with similar qualities – both emotionally and physically – as our fathers? “Women choose men that look and feel emotionally like their fathers because we are all attracted to similarity,” says psychologist Gemma Cribb ( “When someone looks and/or feels like ‘home’, we find it familiar and it puts us at ease. This means we often experience a sense of greater connection as a result.” Take a look at this retro shot of the Kill Em With Kindness singer’s parents when they were younger – is it Gomez and The Weeknd or is it Gomez and The Weeknd? Uncanny is an understatement.

Credit: Instagram @jelenasynergy