As most fairer-skinned women can attest, an over-developed fake tan is just as gasp-courting as is one that completely washes down the shower drain and leaves you the naked ghost you were to begin with. If it’s too dark, Jennifer Lopez’s character’s advice in The Wedding Planner (“Stop crying. A quarter cup lemon juice, half a cup of salt, and loofa—scrub, scrub, scrub.”) doesn’t work. If it’s too light and you re-apply, your scent for the entire evening is…well… “potent” (to put it nicely), and not at all the coconut smell the tanning bottle endorses.

We’re positive, however, that Selena Gomez would have preferred a pastier look at Monday’s Met Gala in New York City. The singer – and her make-up artist the renowned Hung Vanngo – were savaged on social media for her over-bronzed, cocoa-laden fake tan bungle. Instead of standing next to Ariana Grande who too was victim of an overzealous body bronzer and illuminator, Gomez addressed the world overnight re: tan-gate.

Selena Gomez. The man to her right is too quite taken by the colour of her skin.
Ariana Grande could have eased up on the body bronzer.

In a simple Tweet and Instagram, she posted a video of herself running away captioned “Me when I saw pictures from MET”. This and the fact she posted not one image from the night says she wasn’t really a fan of her look. And on a red carpet where almost every single celebrity nailed the Heavenly Bodies brief, we’re sure Coach – the designer she was wearing – wasn’t thrilled either. There’s always next year…

Me when I saw my pictures from MET ??‍♀️

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