The youngest of the extended Kardashian clan, best known for her selfies in various states of lingerie or undress, has certainly given us another reason to want to unfreeze our gym memberships this new year.

Kylie Jenner in one of the most dramatic shots from her new PUMA campaign

The reality TV star who caused a commotion by signing a seven-figure deal to be face of PUMA womenswear right after public assurances from her bro-in-law that “1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!”, stars in the brand’s Spring 2017 campaign. (Note: by Yeezy in this case, he refers not to the man, but rather the fashion and footwear range he co-creates for rival sports brand Adidas  tricky as it is to separate the two these days.)

Kylie in the dramatic black Swan Cape with feather details

All signs suggest the PUMA x Kylie commercial partnership was a success for the brand that also hitched its promotional wagon to singer Rihanna via her wildly popular PUMA x Fenty ranges. The nineteen-year-old social media sensation, not overly known for her sporting prowess, stars in the photoshoot for its Swan Pack collection, which drops globally on February 1.

The Spring 2017 range features feather prints and pink accents

The range features all of the high tech fabrications and sleek design you’d expect from a high-end athletics label, but is so-named for its swan-inspired, dark and moody details: black and white colours, feather motifs and iridescent fabrics. And just like its moniker, the official campaign shots of Kylie sitting solo in a dark studio and suspended from its roof conjure dramatic undertones.

Kylie signed on with PUMA in early 2016 for a reported seven-figure sum

While the black tights, tops and a kitschy black cape (complete with swan-inspired feathers that will no doubt cross over into all-day streetwear) will all be hot sellers, what’s most likely to raise the ire of Yeezy (the man this time, not the brand) is the brand new PUMA Fierce Strap Swan trainers.

Kylie in the lace-free Fierce Strap Swan Trainers and other gear from the Swan Pack Range

Designed to be both gym- and street-appropriate, the lightweight and laceless flexible bootie style is similar to previous styles in the Fenty ranges, and a direct competitor to Kanye’s frenzy-sparking lace-free knit trainer style. What the Swan shoe has over its Puma cousins however is a swan-inspired graphic with iridescent and reflective details.

Next, a Fenty x Kylie capsule collection please if we may PUMA.