Long-time fans of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians series will have noticed Yeezy’s influence on the aesthetics of the show over the years. The opening credits, for example, have been awash with a 70s polaroid filter for a couple of seasons now. “[Kanye is a real creative force, clearly, and had thoughts on marketing, thoughts on presentation of the show, on the opening title sequences,” President of E! Adam Stotsky recently told the New York Times.

Today, the rapper made his way onto the series in a big way. In the first episode of the 16th seasons, instead of just being Kim’s husband in the background – sometimes mic’ed up, sometimes not – West joined Kim in the direct-to-camera confessional pieces for the first time. “This is my first time doing this,” West says. “I’m not actually attempting to do good.”

He then went on to say he has always wanted to do an interview like this ever since seeing the film The Incredibles. “It starts off with the interviews! The superheroes are giving interviews,” he says. “The wife got a big butt and I just see our life becoming more and more and more like The Incredibles until we can finally fly.” Kim just stares blankly at him.

The first episode begins with a newly single Kourtney going on a girls holiday after breaking up with younger lover model Younes Bendjima. It then predominantly follows the Wests as Kanye makes good with an old friend-come-enemy Rhymefest. For the first time, we get a real look-in to the domestic dynamics of the institution that is Kim and Kanye – and its comical, endearing and far less vapid than one would imagine. They really do balance one another out.

Although the cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson and Khloe is teased as the big storyline of the season, we haven’t watched it back just yet.