If Sean Garette ever needs a fall back career from his job as an aesthetician, ASMR YouTube videos would surely be it (check out his incredible Instagram tutorials, and velvet-smooth commentary, if you don’t believe me). On a Zoom call from his home in New York, he’s talking all things skincare, in particular his recent appointment as the Global Ambassador for Fenty Skin. Hand-picked by Rihanna herself, it’s no surprise Garrette was chosen from a sea of aestheticians and skin experts. The only thing smoother than his voice, is in fact his complexion. Poreless, glassy and impossibly smooth, he’s quite literally glowing, even on web cam.

To celebrate the launch of Fenty Skin into Sephora Australia, we spoke to Sean exclusively about his approach to skin, his own routine, his Fenty favourites and the one treatment he can’t quit.

Image credit: Sean Garrette

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GRAZIA: Tell me about your interest in skin. Where did it come from?

Sean: I’ve always been obsessed with beauty and skincare since I was little. Growing up, I used to play in my grandmother’s medicine cabinet and vanity for hours, playing with creams, lotions, fragrances. After suffering from a bit of adult acne when I turned 21, I got really into it. I was able to fix and heal my own skin, so it motivated me to be help others solve their skincare issues. Seeing that there was a lack of information focused on treating skin of colour was also a motivating aspect for me.

GRAZIA: How did you come to work as an aesthetician? 

Sean: When I started to suffer from adult acne when I was around21 years old, I became obsessed with researching ingredients and products. It led me to enrolling in aesthetics school, and since then, I’ve been treating clients with inflammatory skin conditions like acne and hyperpigmentation. Skincare science is always evolving, so I’m constantly learning more and more everyday, especially in my role as Global Ambassador for Fenty Skin.

GRAZIA: What’s your skincare philosophy?

Sean: My approach to skin is to keep things as concise and uncomplicated as possible. Because there are so many products, ingredients and treatments available on the market, people tend to get confused and overwhelmed. As an aesthetician, I always preach to my clients about keeping their routine simple and focusing on ingredients that target their specific issues and concerns.

GRAZIA: What products and ingredients do you believe in and why?

Sean: When choosing ingredients and products for my clients, it’s all about effectiveness. I want to know that the products do what they claim to do, are safe to use and that the ingredients are of the highest quality possible. Fenty Skin is so great that way because Rihanna created products that are multitasking + easy to use. She carefully chose ingredients that are really beneficial for the skin as well. For example, niacinamide is in most of the Fenty Skin products. As an aesthetician, I know this is a powerful ingredient that really helps to reduce the look of dark spots, even skin tone and fight excess shine.

GRAZIA: Talk to me about relationship with Fenty Skin?

Sean: I was absolutely thrilled when I found out I was the Global Ambassador! I truly stand by her mission to deliver healthy, beautiful skin to every skin type, skin tone, and gender identity. It’s always been my goal to be able to educate and connect with people about skin on a global level, so this has been a dream come true for me!

GRAZIA: What is it about the brand you love?

Sean: What I love about working with Fenty Skin is Rihanna’s message that you shouldn’t put a label on skincare. Good products are good products, and they’ll work no matter your gender identity. I think just from our initial Fenty Skin campaign, as well as having me, a Black man, be the ambassador for the brand, will open up the conversation and encourage more men to invest in the health of their skin.

GRAZIA: Do you have a favourite product?

Sean: The Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Sunscreen because it’s a 2-in-1 moisturiser and SPF. I believe that daily skin protection is so important no matter how deep or how fair your skin is, or if you’re outside or inside. It’s lightweight enough that you can feel good wearing it all day, it makes your skin incredibly glowy and dewy with hydration. I’m obsessed with it!

GRAZIA: What does your current skincare routine look like?

Sean: It changes all the time depending on the season or how my skin is looking but overall, I like to keep it uncomplicated. My routine always starts with Total Cleans’r Remove-it-all Cleanser and Fat Water Pore-refining Toner Serum. I always use the Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer in the day and Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-cream at night. About two nights a week I like to exfoliate and maybe layer other products depending on what my skin needs.

GRAZIA: What treatments do you swear by, both in-clinic and at home?

Sean: A treatment I swear by both at home and in-clinic is LED Light Therapy. It helps with acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and improve the overall health of the skin.

GRAZIA: Is there a skincare myth you can dispel for us? 

Sean:  Wear sunscreen every single day. Ninety percent of my job is preaching to my clients and followers about the importance of sun protection. Sunscreen is absolutely non-negotiable. There has been a myth about people with deeper skin tones not needing to wear sunscreen – that’s absolutely false! Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that can cause sun damage, accelerate premature ageing and exacerbate hyperpigmentation and dark spots.


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