Scanlan Theodore’s new Flatiron store in New York City.

If the “Markle Sparkle” was heralded as the new “Rihanna Effect”, then Meghan Markle needs to be in Scanlan Theodore more often. It’s a topic I discuss with the Australian label’s East Coast Regional Manager as I try on the Crepe Knit Cravat Dress in Argento in the brand’s new Flatiron store in New York. Powder blue and with a cinched in waist and no zips so as to glue to the figure, it takes a second pair of hands to slide on, albeit completely and royally transforms its wearer (me), once you’re in it; stylish, flattering, chic, striking…the adjectives roll on.

Today, I’m in the market for a dress to wear to the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Yes, Scanlan Theodore isn’t your run-of-the-mill go-to for an Emmys gown, but it’s the more modern approach. In journalism land, one of the tricks of my trade has always been to wear something to a celebrity interview that will engage a little bit of banter between myself and an actor – and some pleasantries that don’t involve referencing the weather. Within the five allocated minutes, I will likely have 10 seconds to say hello. There’s no room for getting-to-know-you questions and so, I’ve always opted to wear an Australian designer in a cut I know the actor has an affinity toward. In interviews, both parties are always giving a little in a bid to get a lot and as fashion speaks its own universal language, this little trick gives off the “we have something in common” first impression. And Scanlan Theodore works every time.

Case in point: Emmys night. I’m wearing the satin draped shoulder dress.

My other options inside that dressing room that day included the following, which you can shop now.

Stripe Velour Dress in Blue, US$400 Shop NOW

Sparkle Rib Sweater in Red, US$350SHOP NOW

Sparkle Rib Skirt in Red, US$450 SHOP NOW

Cuts, fabrics and designs are different to what’s on offer here in NYC. And while the brand only carries a small selection of sizes, you can bet your favourite pair of four-inchers that your Scanlan purchase will be just as hard of a find for the girl who compliments you at a bar as a pair of cobalt Bottega Venetas.

Now, Meghan, how do we get you in that Cravat dress? Like your BOSS by Hugo Boss ruby red skirt, you’ll want this one in navy and white as well.