If you watch celebrity Instagram stories for long enough, you’ll pick up on a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment worth a special mention, or at least lose your sanity while searching. Case in point: Sara Sampaio travelling to Miami airport in the back of a taxi. The 20-year-old Victoria Secret model looked astoundingly like Selena Gomez with her shaggy bangs and pursed pout in her overnight story. What made this spot even sweeter was the model was ironically singing DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You. Given Gomez and Bieber’s past and the striking resemblance in the shadows, it was all a little weird causing us to re-check which Insta-story we were actually viewing. But was is a subtle hint of interest from Sampaio to the single Cold Water singer? Take a look at the uncanny Gomez resemblance below as Sampaio sensually lip syncs Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah/I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah/Let me love you

Sampaio, who has been linked to lothario Harry Styles in the past, has recently been spotted on her Instagram story hanging with Australian model Jordan in Barrett in London.