Walk around downtown Manhattan’s Times Square, and chances are you’ll spot a handful of Sandy Liang’s playful wool-blend fleeces. So it should come as no surprise that for her Fall 2021 collection, the Parsons graduate dreamed up new styles of her invitingly soft signature, such as a nubby navy and chocolate-colored version, and a light blue iteration accented with pops of neon green and Pepto Bismol pink. Also in the lineup? Cuddly coats, plush parkas, and flower-dotted vests, which, in the midst of a particularly brutal winter, would surely be a bright spot in any New Yorker’s closet.

But, of course, Liang is capable of much more than outerwear, and this collection is proof of that. “My love for puffers is as deep as the pockets I put in them to serve as my winter purse,” Liang wrote in a press release. “But that doesn’t mean I also can’t make a dress that is as dreamy to me as the one I wore to my 2nd grade piano recital.” To that end, there are coquettish frocks in the collection’s lookbook: a polka-dot v-neck; a tiered gingham midi; a transparent tulle, adorned with oversized roses and paired with Mary Janes, smudged eyeliner, and knee-high stockings. Among the other fanciful (but nevertheless wearable) additions are shiny clogs and a furry tube top that’s the definition of cozy chic.

“I finally feel like it’s okay to dream a bit more,” she added, noting that she took inspiration from the clothes that her mother wore when Liang was a child. “It’s okay to heighten the mood, play with emotions, make things that don’t conventionally make sense. To take yourself, or I guess, myself, not too seriously.” A winter wardrobe paired with a generous dash of whimsy—who could say no to that?

Below, see every look from Sandy Liang’s new Fall 2021 collection.