Sam Smith attends the LA Premiere Of Roadside Attraction’s “Judy” at Samuel Goldwyn Theater on September 19, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

We all have celebrity crushes, even celebrities. Sam Smith confessed on radio the other day that they’re just mad about Harry Styles. 

They commenced the interview pointing to the Harry Styles sticker on the box they brought along to talk about their teenage self, saying, “I love Harry Styles.” Off screen, a female interviewer says, “Me too!” to which Sam replies, “Oh babe. I saw him the other night, he’s so fit. He takes my breath away.”

Sam also confesses that their teenage celebrity crush was actor Shia LeBeouf, adding that they’ve never met him but would love to. “He makes me feel giddy,” they say.

They add that Harry Styles would be up there as well, saying they’ve met Styles in person and that he’s “better looking than what he looks like on TV.”

Leonardo DiCaprio gets a guernsey, too.“I’ve met him and he is STUNNING!” Smith gushes. “He came up to me at the Oscars and said he loves my music and I said I love him,” Smith laughs. 

There are some more embarrassing admissions, like the fact that they used to wear Paris Hilton’s fragrance as a teen, and that their first kiss was in a disabled toilet with someone they were starring in a pantomime with. 

They admit, however, that their 16-year-old self, seeing their life now would say, “Wow, what an amazing life”. “I think I’d start crying,” they add. 

The main thing they’d want to say to their teenage self is to stop worrying about their weight (of course, Smith has lost a lot of weight in recent years). 

“Go out, take your top off, feel the sun on your skin and go for a swim because it’s so not worth worrying about that stuff,” they say.

Smith’s latest single is called How Do You Sleep.