ryanrooneysongtosonggraziaSong To Song is getting plenty of buzz ahead of its release in the US next week (an Australian premiere date is TBC), not least because one of its lead stars is Ryan Gosling, recently nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for La La Land.

But the gritty, Terrence Malick-directed indie flick, a love story set against a backdrop of the music scene in Austin, Texas, couldn’t be further away from Damien Chazelle’s whimsical musical. Gosling is back in old territory as a mysterious type in love with a guitarist played by Rooney Mara, whose relationship begins with sweet romance but descends into a dark place propelled by drugs and conflicted hearts.

But back to the start. A new clip for Song To Song focuses on when Ryan and Rooney’s characters first meet, Gosling prodding a shy Mara about if she has a boyfriend in that charming and disarming way only Ryan Gosling can.

Song To Song seems destined to be a hit with film critics when it premieres at South by Southwest festival in Austin this weekend before a wider US release next week, and also in the music world –  Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Iggy Pop are among the musicians that make appearances in the film. 

But Ryan and Rooney certainly have big shoes to fill after Gosling’s undeniable on-screen chemistry with Emma Stone, which has made them one of Hollywood’s most loved actor pairings.

Watch the clip below.