Twitter/Getty Images

By her own admission, Ruby Rose has a fraught relationship with Twitter. She’s quick to respond to things without perhaps fully thinking through the repercussions. However, in her latest post, does the actress/model have a point?

Amid Prada dropping it’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Rose had a big bone to pick with the designer’s cartoon character/animae on it’s accessories, citing it looked extremely similar to herself. She tweeted a time-lapse video which transforms the character on the Prada handbag into herself. “Kinda like this Prada bag that apparently is in no way any likeness to me at all even though the photographer of the photo sent me this and everyone keeps asking about it,” she wrote. “It’s a made up character with no inspiration from anyone in real life apparently. [sic]”

She then posted a follow-up tweet with an image that looks almost exactly lie the character on the handbag. “I’m obviously just super common looking. No big deal.”

Prada are yet to respond – we’ll keep you updated.