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They say beauty is pain, but Rosie Huntington-Whitely can probably attest to the adage more than most. The model-slash-actress has revealed that after having her eyelashes accidentally ripped out on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road, she had no eyelashes for three months.

Huntington-Whitely in Mad Max: Fury Road, with costars Riley Keough and Courtney Eaton
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Appearing on UK morning television show, Tuesday’s This Morning, Huntington-Whitely said her disastrous flutter-fail occurred after a prosthetics-gone-wrong moment on set. “They put the cast over my head, it was a very weird and surreal moment,” she told TTM. “And as they took it off it pulled out all my eyelashes because the wax and plaster got into my eyelashes and pulled them all out! So for about three months I had no eyelashes. That was probably the biggest make-up or beauty fail and it was quite painful! It was quite dramatic as well.”

Credit: Instagram @rosiehw

While Huntington-Whitely was no doubt thrilled to reach the end of her bald bout, the British IT girl has also revealed that her newfound full and fluttery set have been helped along by eyelash extensions. Appearing in a how-to video on her make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube channel earlier this month, the pillowy-pouted model skipped the mascara on the day because she had extensions on. “They’re my favourite pick-me-up,” she said in the video, which was filmed in Eldridge’s studio on a wintery London day.

Had lots of fun last week filming a brand new beauty and hair tutorial with @lisaeldridgemakeup @georgenorthwood for Lisa’s YouTube channel, link in bio!
Credit: Instagram @rosiehw

Opening up her little black beauty book for Eldridge’s viewers, the blonde beauty said her go-to lash master was Kathryn from Flutter Eyes, in London “I have to say they really do make a big difference,” she said with a smile. “Sometimes I like to get them for special occasions or big important shoots but this time I just felt getting a little spruce, a January spruce.”