Before she was the founder of her wildly successful makeup and skincare line Rose Inc, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ran an editorial platform of the same name where she shared countless honest insights into her bathroom habits.

While they’ve slowed down (it’s only fair she promote her own products first — plus, they’re amazing!), the model-turned-entrepreneur is still refreshingly candid when it comes to sharing the products she loves, Rose Inc, or otherwise.

Huntington-Whiteley has spoken about her struggles with congestion in the past, so you know her skincare congestions are worth their weight in gold (or, clarity). That’s why her most recent snap — a shot of her perfectly arranged bathroom cabinet posted to stories — is one worth saving.


Interestingly, the founder shared a bunch of products outside her own Rose Inc, including Sharni Darden (a very well-known Los Angeles-based aesthetician), Zo Skin Health (a dermatologist-founded brand), iS Clinical,Dr. Dennis Gross, Biologique Recherche, Bioderma, Necessaire and Santa Maria Novella.

Most are either derm or doctor founded (she is serious about skincare, after all), and more or less speak to the fact that Huntington-Whiteley is not here for fluffy formulas. Also, we love a girl who’s willing to give us an honest look at her routine — not the censored, Instagram version.

Image via @rosiehw

It’s also a nice high-low edit of brands and products, Bioderma Sensibio — a cult classic French drugstore staple — among them. Scroll on to discover a few of her favourites.

Shop the edit:

Rose Inc hydration replenish microencapsulated moisturiser, $102. shop now

From Huntington-Whiteley’s own line comes this water-based moisturiser that intensely soothes and hydrates without congesting or overwhelming the skin. It has a bouncy fresh texture that’s supremely glowy, as well.

Santa Maria novella rose water, $48. shop now

If you love luxury, a spritz of Santa Maria Novella’s pure rose water between skincare steps is a beautidul (and hydrating) ritual.

Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400. SHOP NOW

Specifically for pigmented skin, this iteration of the cult classic exfoliating toner is packed with poly, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, as well as yeast, B vitamins and sulfur to improve skin clarity, texture and tone.

iS Clinical Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque, $165. SHOP NOW

This intense exfoliating mask removes cellular build-up and clears out pores, preventing breakouts and refining the skin’s appearance.

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water, $30. SHOP NOW

This iconic French cleanser uses ‘micelle’ technology to pick up dirt, sebum, makeup and skincare without the need for traditional cleansing agents, leaving the skin soft, clean and cared-for. It’s amazing as a first cleanse, or whilst travelling.