Zendaya for Bulgari’s 2021 B.zero1 campaign

There are very few ways to ignite true authenticity from an tangible entity. It must be earned, veracious and worthy of its meaning. To vie for such organic reception, a piece can’t be plucked from a dreamscape, nor predictably derivative, instead, it must pull from the veins of its own heritage. In the case of Bulgari’s inimitable B.zero1 jewellery collection, it was this calling on biological grassroots that has made it both particularly original and instantly classic.

The cylindrical, symmetrical silhouette of the B.zero1 ring was never engineered to rouse just momentary excitement. It wasn’t based on fad or fashion, or on demand or whim, rather, this now 22-year-old design was crafted to honour Bulgari’s century-long Italian history. It was made to reflect the strength in structure of the Roman Colosseum, as an ode to its unparalleled composition and perpetual appeal.

Bulgari B.zero1 collection

Constructed using the company’s unique Tubogas technique (where strips of metal are continuously wrapped and interconnected without soldering) the B.zero1 ring has gone on to become a Bulgari flagship piece and one of the highest selling pieces of jewellery of all time. And while its success is vaulted in brand notoriety, it is also thanks to its design foresight – that it was not only timeless but also devoid of gender or age or cultural dispositions. Since its birth in 1999, the classic yellow gold B.zero1 has evolved through multiple takes and interpretations (including collaborations with artists like Anish Kapoor as well as the ever popular Bzero.1 Rock capsule that dazzles with pave diamonds and a studded gold surface) and expanded to include necklaces, bracelets and earrings in rose gold, white gold and accents of polished black ceramic.

Lalisa Manobal for Bulgari’s 2021 B.zero1 campaign

Today, the B.zero1 name is synonymous with exquisite taste and enduring class. For its latest incarnation, and as part of the larger Magnifica campaign, ambassadors in actress (and red carpet über star) Zendaya, singer Lalisa ‘Lisa’ Manobal (of group Blackpink) and supermodel Lily Aldridge pay homage to the curation of rings, pendants and bracelets that make up the collection. The result is a stylistically powerful presence, one that honours not only the perfected decor but the impressive women whom wear them.

To this day, the Colosseum is still the largest standing amphitheatre in the world. After nearly two thousand years, there has never been another piece of stadium architecture that has eclipsed or outdated its grandeur. It has tested and outlasted time, garnering the adoration of millions of yearly pilgrims. It’s therefore simple to see how this stylistic invincibility and auspicious sense of heritage generated the inspiration for the Bzero.1. Creating a piece that can transcend date and become an instant heirloom is the quest for most artisans, yet one that is rarely achieved. However, for Bulgari’s iconic collection, this quality is inherent.

Owning a piece of from the B.zero1 family connects premium craftsmanship with your own style acquisition. It is, of course, a forever-investment steeped in rich history, yet upon being worn and loved it creates a powerful, personal new future.

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