Robbie Williams in Sydney last night.

Robbie Williams delivered a knock-out show last night in Sydney. Just like he did at Knebworth all those years ago, the entertainer introduced his Heavy Entertainment Show in the same manner: “I’m Robbie F***ing Williams. This is my band. And for the next two hours, your ass is mine.” Also like Knebworth, he wore a kilt. But more on that (and what was underneath it) later.

Having not had a drink in 18 years, the self-confessed wealthy “bogan” carved a career that played on open tales of excess, alcoholism, women and hedonism. He spoke to the crowd last night like he would a mate at the pub. But when he sang any of his classics (Let Me Entertain You, Angels, Love My Life, Better Man, Rock DJ… the list goes on), he did so with a  gusto we’ve never seen before. His father made a cameo and together they sang Sweet Caroline, a tribute to the moment in William’s life that stirred up the belief one day he’d be a star. But it was a cover of Frank Sinatra’s My Way that showed off the British performer’s incredible vocal range. Healthier than ever before, he truly was at his career best.

A break from the run-of-the-mill interview, Robbie Williams lights up during an interview with GRAZIA while revisiting his eclectic and ever-changing stage style throughout his career. Each moment though runs deep and represents a certain time in his life, some high (literally) and some low, a concept Williams has been very open about. “The analogy I like to use is there is a bottle of water and at the bottom there is silt,” Williams says. “There is always going to be silt. And depending what I put into my system, whether I do drugs or not or drink or not, the bottle gets shaken up and the silt rises to the top and it becomes murky. Have I conquered everything? No. Will there always be the silt in the bottom? Yes. Will I make it murky again? I don’t know. Today I won’t.”

Here, he takes a look back at his defining stage style.


See Williams full interview with GRAZIA below where he discusses a possible collaboration with Taylor Swift, his hangover on chocolate and whether he’s up to another Knebworth challenge.