There’s never been anything subtle about Rihanna’s outfits (any woman who turns pink fur-lined plastic slides into a cult fashion item has skills beyond measure) but her latest is probably the most revealing yet.

Yesterday, she stepped out of an office building in Times Square in New York wearing her heart and a face on her chest that told the world exactly who she’d be voting for come November 8.

At first wore the US$35 (A$45) #HillaryGreyBrim tee from Trapvilla loose over denim micro-shorts and Timberland-style boots topped by a long spring trench coat and Louis Vuitton case bag, but later in the day she was spotted with it tucked into her shorts, sans jacket.  

Credit: Getty Images

And that tee: rather appropriately, Hillary Clinton’s image shows her sporting a New York Yankees baseball cap with an expression on her face that’s a mixture of bemused and smug. As anyone would be knowing they had Rihanna in their corner #WithHer.


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