Best friends will usually go to great lengths for one another. Be it bending over backwards during a breakup and providing both emotional support and ice cream (very important), or travelling half way across the world to stand by their side at their wedding – the tales of truly great friendship are many. But what about braving physical pain for your bestie? Apparently Riccardo Tisci would – but only for best friend Irina Shayk.

Posting a photo on Instagram with a very glamorous (and very bedazzled) Irina Shayk on his lap, Tisci captioned the image: “Ow my leg”. Hilarious! Particularly considering Shayk weighs about as much as a (small) bag of peanuts. But we’re very much into their sense of humour, because there’s nothing better than best friends who can have a laugh at each other’s expense (espcially in the very serious business of fashion).

We’re also keenly observing Shayk’s gown – or lack thereof – the nude slip with crystal web overlay a product of Tisci’s Burberry, plus those dazzling diamonds, pieces from Tiffany & Co.’s new Tiffany T1 collection.

Here for the LOLs and the fashion, who thought the very steely-faced Tisci could be so funny?