As someone with a thing for dewy, glassy skin, I don’t love powders. There’s exceptions to the rule, obviously (Hourglass and Fenty Beauty are very good) but on the whole I’m not a fan. The issue for me is that it’s hard to get it right. I’m not a makeup artist and the line between soft matte and chalky is very fine indeed. But sometimes my skin looks more damp than dewy and a little mattifying is necessary. See my dilemma?

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Rae Morris is an esteemed makeup artist who obviously gets this. She’s well-known for her incredible brushes (trust me when I say they are the best you’ll ever use) but she also has a singular makeup product – an Invisible Mattifier. It’s not a powder exactly, more like a soft gel with a powdery finish (or a pressed powder with a gel-like finish, depending on how you want to look at it). The product itself is made of an extremely high grade silicone resin that’s so finely milled it won’t settle in fine lines. It also contains PCA, a humectant that will hold moisture and keep the skin feeling soft.

The first time I tried it was with Rae herself – she gently swept it across my forehead and between my brows to set makeup and quell shine. I was watching in the mirror and couldn’t believe the visible difference. My skin went from greasy-ish to soft and velvety. And it felt weightless. As if my skin was bare. Rae also used a small brush so the application was targeted; the rest of my face was still dewy and radiant. I was floored.


The real test came when I tried it at home by myself. I used a small fluffy brush (think highlighter-sized) and spot-treated my forehead, chin and the sides of my nose. The trick is to take the smallest sweep of product – because it’s clear it’s easy to assume you’ve not picked up enough on your brush but I assure you the opposite is true. The finish is not as intense as a powder, instead it dulls shine but retains a sense of radiance – there’s nothing flat about it. And after nine hours of wear, my face still looked fresh – no caking or settling. A makeup miracle, really.

Being completely transparent, it’s also perfect for all skin tones and won’t leave a ghostly, powdery residue or take rigorous blending. Oh, and the silicone used is antibacterial so you can keep it for years and not have to worry about it going gross.

As far as makeup products go, this is about as innovative as they come (not that I would expect anything less from such an industry icon). I use mine all over on top of makeup, but it works as an eye primer, normal facial primer, as a touch up palette during the day or to tailor your skin finish. It’s not cheap, but it lasts forever and serves multiple purposes. Plus your face deserves it.

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