As someone with super fine, chin-length hair, frizz and flyaways are an ever-present problem, especially during Sydney’s steamy weather conditions.

Because of my short cut, my styling options are limited to either out (with a slight bend) or pulled into a tiny slick bun. But when the humidity is as high as it has been for the past 18 months, it’s impossible to emulate either. Instead, my textured bob transforms into a frizzy mess, or a so-called slick bun ends up quite the opposite. Of course there’s countless products on the market that promise to fix said issues, but most of them are too heavy, leaving my hair greasy and flat. But I recently received a sample of Larry King A Social Life For Your Hair flyaway kit, an innovative brush-on smoothing cream formula that claims to add definition, suppress frizz and add shine, all without bulk or tackiness. It comes in a small tube with a brush applicator, and can be used to either clean up a bun or smooth lengths and ends. Initially I assumed it wouldn’t work for me, but King is such a decorated stylist _ his celebrity client roster reads names like Jared Leto, Karlie Kloss and Iris Law – and his product line has a stellar reputation, so I decided to road test and my god, it’s been life-changing.


The consistency is more or less a balm that melts when warmed, and you only need the tiniest amount to see an immediate difference. The first time I trialed it, my hair was pulled back – it smoothed out my crown and controlled all my baby hairs without looking too obvious. The brush affords fantastic control, and ensures there’s no clumps or build-up. Impressed by its effectiveness and usability, I decided to try it around my part line whilst my hair was out (a gamble as my roots are super greasy) and again, it worked a charm. While I can’t speak to thick, curly hair, I can say it’s perfect on soft, fluffy frizz… but my opinion is that you could absolutely build it up to control dense strands.

Have a look at my before and afters below:



And if you’d like further convincing, this Reel does a great job at showcasing its effectiveness:

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